Todd Fuller

Product / User Experience Designer

I’m a versatile, hands-on creative with a diverse background that includes web, mobile (iOS, Android), gaming consoles, set-top-boxes and other platforms. I’m versed in applying user-centered design methods to take a product or feature from start to finish - from identifying opportunities, conducting qualitative research, UX planning and iteration, right on through to delivery of final visual designs and specifications.  more about me ...

UX & Interaction Design

GoPro Goes Social

Getting VUDU Ready for Primetime

VUDU had a sprawling prototype they had used as a demo while fundraising. Now it was time time to go to market with an experience optimized for the living room.

At a time when social media use was skyrocketing, GoPro had the ultimate product for capturing experiences, but with no way to share them while you were still in the moment.


When you're using YouTube as a distribution channel, it's easy to get lost in the noise. The Jordan Richter Skateboarding Academy needed a distinct video ID to reinforce their brand across their instructional videos.

GoPro Simplified Firmware Update

The key to unlocking new features and functionality on GoPro cameras comes in the form of firmware updates. The existing process was incredibly complex and led to people giving up or calling support to walk them through. With GoPro mobile app, we had an opportunity to solve the problems of notifying users when an update was available, and making the installation as easy as pressing one button.

Visual Design and Branding

Skills and Tools



• User experience design

• Visual design

• Motion graphics

• 3D modeling and animation

• Logic flows and wireframing

• Storyboarding

• Design specifications and artifacts

• Rapid prototyping

• Customer interviews

• Persona development

• Documentary filmmaking

• Agile software development methodology

• OmniGraffle Pro

• Sketch app

• Figma

• Adobe XD

• Adobe Photoshop / Illustrator / InDesign

• Adobe After Effects / Premiere

• Jira / Confluence

• Invision

• Axure

• Maxon Cinema4D